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Speeding up your business with DarkLight Internet

Underperforming Internet connectivity costs UK businesses over £11 billion a year, and prevents businesses from performing at their best, cutting them off from effective tools & opportunities, and causing the average employee to lose a full 38 hours of work per year.

We've developed DarkLight® to be the last Internet connection that a business will ever need to install. It's a comprehensive solution for the issues that businesses have with their connectivity, using a unique dark fibre design to deliver ultrafast, flexible and completely future-proof Internet at a surprisingly low price point.

Available in a number of cities around the UK, DarkLight is the next step for online connectivity, delivering symmetrical speeds starting at 300 Mbps, with prices from £299 + VAT a month. Get in touch today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how DarkLight can benefit your business!

Kala Sangam DarkLight

Kala Sangam is a meeting and conference venue and intercultural hub in Bradford.

Holding events hosting hundreds of attendees their internet connection is really put to the test which their previous provider could not handle.

After choosing DarkLight, Kala Sangam feel secure and confident in their connection - they have not encountered a day where the internet has dropped and their experience with Exa Networks has been completely trouble free.

As a growing business, the unlimited capacity of DarkLight means that there is no need to worry about their future technology, as they already have it.

Incredible Internet Speeds

DarkLight connections deliver the ultrafast Internet speeds your business needs. Speeds start at 300 Mbps, with every line currently able to support world-class 10 Gbps (and faster options available). We provide DarkLight uncontended, direct to you - so you always get the speeds that you're paying for.

Future-Proof Performance

DarkLight uses a unique dark fibre system, which means that once a connection is installed, you'll never have to worry about bringing in a replacement. You can upgrade the speeds that your business is receiving at practically any point, so if your current speed isn't quite enough, it's easy to upgrade.

Reliable Internet Service

DarkLight is built for excellent performance across the board. As such, along with ultrafast speed, unbeatable flexibility and low costs, we provide total reliability with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement, helping to cut out costly downtime, while our award-winning support team help quickly resolve any issues.

DarkLight Benefits for Businesses

DarkLight offers a huge range of advantages for any business, no matter what size. We've put together some information on the main benefits that DarkLight brings businesses - get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out how big a difference it can make for your company:

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    DarkLight can deliver some of the world's fastest Internet. With connections now starting at a symmetrical 300 Mbps, every single line we install can support a fully symmetrical 10 Gbps speed - that's world-class performance.

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    DarkLight is the last Internet connection your business will ever need to install. Once a line's connected, you can upgrade speeds at practically any point, with no extra construction, so you can always get the performance you need.

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    With businesses increasingly taking advantage of the possibilities that Cloud services offer, DarkLight connections are all built to be completely symmetrical - your uploads are just as fast as your downloads.

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    We're one of the only businesses focusing on providing completely bespoke Internet service packages for businesses. Click through to our business site for information on our packages, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements!

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    Businesses need completely reliable Internet connectivity at all times. That's why we offer a full 99.9% Service Level Agreement with all DarkLight connections, along with backup options, completely minimising any kind of downtime.

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    Because of DarkLight's dark fibre design, it provides more flexibility than any other connectivity option, letting you temporarily change your connection speed - ideal if your business is hosting a major event, creating an initial Cloud backup, or far more.

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    We provide DarkLight direct from our network to our customers, with absolutely no-one else using your bandwidth. This uncontended service means that you always get the exact speeds that you're paying for, even at peak times.

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    Customer support teams for ISPs generally have a bad reputation. We're focused on doing better, getting rid of the frustration, so if you ever need to call our team, there's no long hold times, no scripts - just expert advice.

Previous Products New Products New Speeds (Symmetrical) Price (Per Month*)
Darklight 100 Darklight 300 300Mbps £299
Darklight 300 Darklight 500 500mbps £349
Darklight 500 Darklight 750 750mbps £399
Darklight 1000 Darklight 1000 1Gbps £499
*Paid annually and subject to VAT

DarkLight Internet for your business

Because DarkLight uses a dark fibre network, we can't offer the service everywhere yet - it's currently available in a number of major areas across the UK, though we're in the process of rolling out to more areas. Check out our DarkLight Cities page to see where DarkLight's available, or get in touch at 0345 145 1234.

With DarkLight installation requiring digging, we charge a one-off £2500 fee to bring the service in. However, we're often able to offer a major subsidy dependent on proximity to our network, cutting £2000 off the cost of installation, so you pay just £500 to install DarkLight!

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your company’s internet with Exa DarkLight or just want to find out more about why DarkLight is the last internet connection you’ll ever need, get in touch with us today - you can contact us at:

Telephone: 0345 145 1234 (Calls charged at local rates)
Fax: 01274 911855
Email: darklight@exa.net.uk

Head over to our business Internet solutions site to find out more about our market-leading services, from world-class connectivity to bespoke networking solutions, VoIP solutions and more!