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DarkLight® Internet Connection Availability

DarkLight Internet connections from Exa Networks are designed to give UK schools and businesses completely future proofed internet. Because of our partnership with CityFibre, we’re able to offer DarkLight across some major UK cities - we’ve put together this page to show you exactly where DarkLight is available right now.

With DarkLight, you’ll get world-class internet speeds (starting at 100 Mbps - for both uploads and downloads) which can be upgraded at any point because of our dark fibre network from CityFibre. You can change your internet speed whenever you want, without any additional construction being necessary, with multi-gigabit speeds already being available.

DarkLight cities with multi-gigabit internet from Exa

Right now, DarkLight's available in a number of the UK's major cities, and is about to become available in many more. Below, we've listed the DarkLight cities receiving future-proofed Internet connectivity - click through for a closer look at where our network runs in each city!

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    Future proof DarkLight Internet in Bradford

    As a Bradford-based business, we made sure that the city was one of the first in the UK to receive the incredible benefits of DarkLight gigabit connectivity. Right now, we're supplying DarkLight to a wide range of businesses and schools across Bradford, making the city one of the fastest connected cities around - and bringing in an umatched level of flexibility.

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    Ultrafast DarkLight Internet for Leeds

    Leeds was the second of our DarkLight launch cities, with schools and businesses around the city already seeing the incredible performance and cost benefits that DarkLight offers. Our network covers a huge area in Leeds and surrounding areas, with thousands of organisations elgible to receive Darklight services - click through for a full network map.

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    Sheffield speeds up with DarkLight Internet

    We're working to make the North one of the fastest connected regions in the world, giving businesses and schools an unprecedented level of access to ultrafast connectivity. We've recently expanded our DarkLight network to Sheffield and many nearby areas as part of this move, opening up major new possibilities for both business and education - find out how DarkLight can benefit you today!

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    DarkLight brings ultrafast Internet to Wakefield!

    With a network spanning across Wakefield, DarkLight is the single best choice around for businesses and schools looking for ultrafast Internet. Cutting down the cost of high-speed connectivity while delivering future-proof performance, DarkLight is a major upgrade for schools and businesses across Wakefield - and it's available to order now.

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    Multi-Gigabit Internet in Milton Keynes

    With the area set for one of the next DarkLight launches, Milton Keynes schools and businesses will soon be able to access future-proof connectivity and take advantage of the unique features that DarkLight introduces.

    Coming soon to Milton Keynes! Keep up to date on our Twitter page.

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    DarkLight Internet for Northampton businesses and schools

    As part of our work to speed up the North, we're expanding our DarkLight network to span across Northampton, making it easier than ever for local organisations to access the incredible benefits that ultrafast Internet connectivity brings in.

    Preparing for Launch

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    Next generation DarkLight Internet in Doncaster

    Another step in our plan to speed up South Yorkshire and the North, Doncaster will soon be receiving access to truly next-generation connectivity, with both schools and businesses across and around Doncaster set to receive access to world-class connectivity.

    Preparing for Launch

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    World Class Internet with Rotherham DarkLight

    We’re bringing the next generation of Internet access to schools and businesses across Rotherham, supporting local business with ultrafast Internet connectivity, while providing schools with the unmatched flexibility and value to meet their needs in the years to come.

    Preparing for Launch

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Upcoming DarkLight Cities

Over the next few months, we’re planning on expanding our DarkLight Internet connections, bringing our ultrafast internet to schools and businesses across the UK. We’ll be keeping this page updated as we add coverage to more cities, while our Twitter page (@ExaNetworks) will bring you all the latest news about DarkLight and Exa Networks.

If your business or school is located in one of our DarkLight cities, make sure to register your interest today! Bringing DarkLight to a city takes a lot of investment and time - we’ll focusing on cities where there’s a lot of interest in DarkLight gigabit connectivity. Whether you’re looking to register your interest or find out more about ultrafast DarkLight internet, just get in touch with our expert team today! You can contact us on:

Telephone: 0345 145 1234 (Calls charged at local rates)
Fax: 01274 911855

DarkLight® is a registered trademark of Exa Networks Limited.