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DarkLight Ultrafast Connectivity Availability

DarkLight is based on a unique dark fibre network, which lets us deliver unmatched flexibility and ultrafast performance. However, that means we're only able to provide DarkLight in some areas, though we're working to expand our network, adding new cities. We've put together this page to show you exactly where DarkLight is available right now.

We've designed DarkLight to be the very last Internet connection you'll ever need to install, delivering totally future-proofed performance at all times. Speeds start at a symmetrical 300 Mbps, with every line able to support a full 10 Gbps speed. Prices start at £299 + VAT a month for 300 Mbps - get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about DarkLight!

DarkLight cities with multi-gigabit internet from Exa

Right now, DarkLight's available in a number of the UK's major cities, and is about to become available in many more. Below, we've listed the DarkLight cities receiving future-proofed Internet connectivity - click through for a closer look at where our network runs in each city!

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    As our home city, Bradford was the first place in the UK to receive ultrafast DarkLight connectivity, with the network going live back in early 2016. Since then, we've reached a huge number of great local businesses with a network spanning practically the entire city.

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    Leeds was the second city to receive DarkLight connectivity, and as a digitally-focused area, the service has really taken off, with many of our first DarkLight customers located in the city. Our network spans a huge area of Leeds and the surrounding areas - click through to see more.

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    One of the first cities our DarkLight expansion reached, Sheffield's speeding up with DarkLight, as our network runs a full 110 KM across the city and nearby. We're developing our footprint across the Steel City month on month, bringing in new, ultrafast possibilities.

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    Following a recent expansion to our Leeds DarkLight network, we're now able to provide DarkLight to schools and businesses across Wakefield. With Internet speeds in Wakefield typically being some of the slowest in the UK, we're proud to be speeding the area up with world-class DarkLight connectivity.

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    The latest DarkLight city to go live, Northampton's network launched in late 2017, with the first couple of connections going live in November. Our Northampton network is one of our most widely-spanning ones, providing full coverage for the majority of the city centre, while spanning to the outskirts.

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    As part of our expanded Sheffield DarkLight network, we've recently launched DarkLight in Doncaster. Our network stretches directly from Sheffield to Doncaster, covering a wide part of both areas and reaching hundreds of local businesses and schools.

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    Recently launched, our Rotherham network runs alongside the River Don, reaching a potentially huge number of local schools and businesses across Rotherham. Covering a full 27 KM of the town, our network crosses through most major areas in Rotherham.

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    As part of our ongoing DarkLight rollout, we're preparing to launch DarkLight across the Calderdale region, spanning across Halifax and the surrounding area! Right now, DarkLight's ready to order across Calderdale, and we expect to be going live shortly - stay tuned for more information.

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    We're getting ready to launch DarkLight in Milton Keynes, bringing truly next-generation connectivity to the city. While we're a way off from launch, expect to hear more shortly!

    Coming soon to Milton Keynes! Keep up to date on our Twitter page.

Upcoming DarkLight Cities

Over the next few months, we’re planning on expanding our DarkLight Internet connections, bringing our ultrafast internet to schools and businesses across the UK. We’ll be keeping this page updated as we add coverage to more cities, while our Twitter page (@ExaNetworks) will bring you all the latest news about DarkLight and Exa Networks.

If your business or school isn't located in one of our DarkLight cities, make sure to register your interest today! Bringing DarkLight to a city takes a lot of investment and time - we’ll focusing on cities where there’s a lot of interest in DarkLight gigabit connectivity.

Whether you're looking to register your interest or find out more about DarkLight near you, get in touch with our team today - you can reach us at:

Telephone: 0345 145 1234 (Calls charged at local rates)
Fax: 01274 911855
Email: darklight@exa.net.uk

DarkLight® is a registered trademark of Exa Networks Limited.