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With a diverse range of effective resources and utilities available online, demands for bandwidth increase quickly in education, particularly with more and more schools and academies adopting BYOD schemes. However, high connectivity costs and decreasing budgets have left many schools struggling with overpriced, slow and unreliable connections.

At Exa Education, we've worked to bring schools a better standard of connectivity for over a decade, and we've designed DarkLight® to give schools and academies ultrafast, reliable and truly future-proof connectivity at a budget-friendly price, delivering a better level of service while minimising costs.

Available in cities across the UK, DarkLight is a unique, dark fibre-based service, which lets users change their speeds at practically any time - it's really the last Internet connection any school or academy will need to install.

With prices starting at just £299 plus VAT a month (paid annually) for symmetrical 300 Mbps speeds, and every line supporting full 10 Gbps performance, DarkLight delivers unmatched value for money - get in touch today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Lawnswood DarkLight

Lawnswood School in Leeds, upgraded to a DarkLight connection as it proved to be the next logical choice. As technology is being encouraged more and more in schools and incorporated into lessons other than ICT or Computer Science, reliable fast connectivity is becoming more important day by day.

Students are using the internet to carry out research rather than textbooks, and many exams are now being conducted online, meaning a drop in connection has serious repercussions.

With DarkLight connectivity, Lawnswood School's teachers and students are prepared with all the bandwidth they may require in the future.

Ultrafast School Internet

DarkLight delivers ultrafast, flexible performance, ensuring schools always have access to the level of connectivity they need, now and in the years to come, with world-class 10 Gbps speeds available on every line.

Cutting Internet Costs

DarkLight is designed to hugely cut down costs, making ultrafast Internet connectivity more accessible for education than ever before, while ensuring that schools get the best possible results out of their budget.

Deals and Opportunities

We're committed to delivering great value, and that doesn't end with DarkLight itself. Exa schools can freely use our GCSE Computing MOOC, receive major discounts on our SurfProtect Quantum content filtering, and far more.

DarkLight Benefits for schools

DarkLight brings in an incredible range of advantages for schools and academies. If you're interested in finding out more about how DarkLight can help you specifically, get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 - below, we've run down some of the main benefits that DarkLight can provide schools:

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    DarkLight lines start off at an ultrafast 300 Mbps, while every line is set up to support world-class 10 Gbps performance - all at a lower-than-average cost.

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    Once a DarkLight line is installed, you'll never have to install a new line. We let users change their speed at practically any time, always getting the service they're looking for.

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    DarkLight prices start at just £299 + VAT a month (£3588 + VAT annually) for 300 Mbps performance, while gigabit connectivity costs just £5988 + VAT a year - far cheaper than practically any other school Internet option.

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    All DarkLight connections are designed to be totally symmetrical, so uploads are just as fast as downloads - a major advantage for schools using Cloud storage and other services.

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    We provide a full 99.9% Service Level Agreement with all of our DarkLight lines, so that you don't have to worry about your school's Internet connection dropping at any point - we also offer effective backup connectivity options just in case of emergencies.

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    Our award-winning customer care team are all about cutting out the frustrations that often crop up with service - no long hold times, no scripted conversations - just real, expert advice.

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    One of the unique features of DarkLight is the fact that users can adjust their connection speed at practically any time - ideal if there's a major event bringing in a lot of visitors for a brief period.

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    DarkLight lines are provided direct from us to you - there's absolutely no contention with other users having access to the same bandwidth. As such, you'll always be getting exactly what you pay for with DarkLight.

Previous Products New Products New Speeds (Symmetrical) Price (Per Month*)
Darklight 100 Darklight 300 300Mbps £299
Darklight 300 Darklight 500 500mbps £349
Darklight 500 Darklight 750 750mbps £399
Darklight 1000 Darklight 1000 1Gbps £499
*Paid annually and subject to VAT

DarkLight Connections for your school

Right now, we're only able to provide DarkLight in a few major areas across the UK, though we're looking to expand our current dark fibre footprint. Head over to our DarkLight Cities page (or call our team at 0345 145 1234) for more information on where DarkLight is available!

Alternatively, we offer schools across the country access to ultrafast connectivity with several connectivity options, including our recently launched Gigabit services, which are available in 17 great Gigabit Cities across the country.

Typically, installing a DarkLight line costs a one-off fee of £2500. In many cases, however (largely dependent on proximity to our network), we're able to provide a major subsidy, bringing the cost down to just £500 - cutting £2000 off the cost of installation.

If you’re interested in equipping your school with DarkLight connectivity, or just want to find out more about our world-class internet for schools, you can:

Call Us: 0345 145 1234 (Calls charged at local rates)
Fax Us: 01274 911855
Email Us: darklight@exa.net.uk