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DarkLight is the latest and greatest kind of internet connection available from Exa Networks. We’ve designed DarkLight to bring schools and businesses around the UK completely future proofed, reliable and ultrafast internet connections, with a whole range of incredible features and advantages.

Across this page, you’ll find a list of some of DarkLight’s most impressive features, all designed for complete convenience. DarkLight is available in a growing selection of cities across the UK - head to our DarkLight Cities page for a look at the areas where you can get DarkLight for your organisation.

DarkLight is available for schools and businesses, and brings each type of organisation a full range of advantages. Our DarkLight for Schools page takes a look at how our future proofed internet makes it easy to give students access to online resources, add tablet programs and more.

DarkLight for Business takes a look at the savings that companies can make with ultrafast internet while showing you how much faster cloud uploads are with our symmetrical connections.

If you’re interested in finding out more about DarkLight, get in touch with us today at 0345 145 1234, or email us at DarkLight@Exa.net.uk.

DarkLight Features and Advantages

As the most advanced Internet connectivity option available on the market today, DarkLight includes an incredible range of features and advantages, all designed to bring an even better level of service to schools and businesses.

In this section, we’re exploring some of DarkLight’s most impressive features, and how they can benefit you - click through for more information about each advantage:

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    DarkLight offers some of the world’s fastest internet for schools and businesses. Our starting speeds range from ultrafast 100 Mbps connections (enough to download a full DVD worth of data in under 7 minutes) to 10Gbps speeds, a full 100 times faster!

    We also offer the ability for your organisation to get almost unimaginable speeds - our lines have the potential capacity for terabit-level speeds.

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    We’ve built DarkLight using dark fibre networks from our partners. Dark Fibre is an impressive bit of technology using fibre optic cables for high speed data transfer. The main difference between dark fibre and standard fibre optics is the fact that we’re able to completely control how the network is used - that means you can upgrade your connection speeds at any time.

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    Because DarkLight lets you upgrade your connection speed at any time, it’s completely future proofed. Data use, and hence demand for internet speed, go up over time (about 50% a year according to Nielsen’s Law).

    Rather than replacing a connection to meet increased demand (or having to deal with overly slow speeds), DarkLight lets you easily upgrade your speed without any additional construction, ensuring that it’s the last internet connection you’ll ever need to install.

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    DarkLight connections are completely symmetrical, which means that your uploads are just as fast as your downloads. That’s ideal for any organisation looking to use cloud storage or data, whether you’re keeping a cloud backup, uploading security videos and large files, using data in multiple premises or anything else cloud-related.

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    When your internet connection is down it costs your business money, or can disrupt lesson plans and learning in your school. A reliable internet connection is vital for both businesses and schools, so we offer a 99.9% SLA on DarkLight connections.

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    Many ISPs don’t publicise their pricing, making businesses and schools wait for a quote, which can make price comparison particularly inconvenient. At Exa, we don’t agree with this practice, so we’ve put together a clear, simple price list for DarkLight.

    Prices start at £3588 a year + VAT and installation for 100 Mbps (equivalent to £299 a month - cheaper than leased line options), and with our completely transparent pricing you won’t find any hidden costs.

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    When we advertise an internet speed, that’s what you’ll be getting: DarkLight connections are direct from us to you, with no one else using your bandwidth. We’re truly committed to giving you exactly what you pay for.

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    While you’ll rarely find any problems with internet connections from Exa Networks, our ISPA Award-winning customer support team ensures that any issues get fixed quickly. Our expert, UK-based team will help you quickly sort out any problems with your internet service - no long hold times here!

    Our team can also help you with technical instructions on configuring routers, setting up VPNs and far more.

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