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High quality DarkLight Internet for Schools

Most schools in the UK have seen internet usage ramp up significantly over the last few years as students and teachers start to use tablets, computers and phones to get the most out of learning. Schools now need fast internet connections to cope with the ever increasing use of online resources for classroom teaching and student-directed learning.

Despite the need for high quality connections, many schools are being let down by their internet connections. High costs, low speeds and unreliable connections are letting students and teachers across the country down. Here at Exa Networks, we’re dedicated to giving schools the high quality internet connections that they need, so we’ve designed DarkLight®, a system built for world-class performance.

Our new DarkLight internet connections are designed to give schools top-quality internet speeds at a far lower cost than average connections. With prices starting at the equivalent of just £299 a month for a 300 Mbps connection, DarkLight will save your school money while delivering incredibly fast internet.

Fast Internet for schools

With Exa DarkLight, you can get world-class internet speeds for your school, giving your students an unmatched level of online performance.

Cheap school internet

DarkLight internet connections cost less than average school connections, saving you money while giving you far faster speeds.

Secure, reliable internet

With Exa Education utilities like SurfProtect, you can keep your students safe online, while our reliable connections give you complete convenience.

DarkLight Benefits for schools

With DarkLight, you’ll get an incredible range of advantages for your school. We’ve run down a few of the main benefits that our dark fibre school internet connections offer:

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    Ultra fast speeds

    Basic DarkLight connections range from 300 Mbps to 10 Gbps, giving your school world-class speeds, all at a lower cost than average connections.

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    Future proofed connections

    DarkLight is based on a dark-fibre system, which means that you can change your internet speed at any time. With an almost unlimited scope for improving your connection without additional construction, DarkLight is the last internet connection that you’ll need to install for your school.

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    Low Costs

    With annual costs for Exa’s DarkLight school internet connections ranging from £3588 (for a 300 Mbps connection) to £5988 (for a 1 Gbps line), you can be sure that your school will save money with a DarkLight connection.

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    Symmetrical Connections

    DarkLight connections make sure that you can upload data as quickly as you can download it. That means that schools using DarkLight can easily use cloud-based storage without having to wait for documents to be uploaded.

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    Reliable internet

    DarkLight internet connections from Exa come with a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement. That means you don’t have to worry about your internet being down for any significant amount of time.

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    Award-winning customer service

    There’s not much more irritating than having to wait on hold. When you call the Exa support team, you’ll get your call answered within seconds by a live, UK-based expert who can help solve any issues.

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    Complete Flexibility

    Using our DarkLight internet connections for schools, you can change your connection speed at any time. If your school is hosting a major event, you can temporarily increase your speed to accommodate for visitors, while we also let you decrease your speed at any time.

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    Short term contracts

    At Exa Education, we know how irritating it is to be stuck in an overly-long contract. We offer 3-year contracts for your internet so you’re never tied down, although with a retention rate of over 99%, we’re sure you won’t feel like leaving.

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    1:1 Contention Ratio

    When you buy an internet connection for your school with Exa, you’ll be getting the connection speeds that you pay for. DarkLight is a dedicated connection between you and us, so your school gets exactly what we advertise.

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Prices for Darklight Internet connections

DarkLight Connections for your school

Right now, DarkLight internet connections are available in Bradford, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster, where we are the sole supplier of dark fibre connections for schools. Throughout the next few months, we’ll be expanding DarkLight availability across more of the UK - check out our DarkLight Cities page for more information!

Installing a DarkLight connection for your school costs £2500 subject to a site inspection, but we’re offering great discounts for the first 125 connections in Bradford and Leeds - they’ll just pay £500 for installation.

Schools in Milton Keynes aren’t missing out on our offers, however. If your school is located within 75 metres of our fibre optic lines, you’ll get the same £2000 (80%) discount.

If you’re interested in equipping your school with DarkLight internet, or just want to find out more about our world-class internet for schools, you can:

Call Us: 0345 145 1234 (Calls charged at local rates)
Fax Us: 01274 911855
Email Us: darklight@exa.net.uk

DarkLight® is a registered trademark of Exa Networks Limited.

Head over to our Exa Education site to find out more about why Exa is the best choice for school Internet services, from ultrafast connectivity to advanced, free content filtering!